Using Audacity: Exporting Audio Files in MP3 Format

Once we have finished editing our audio file and saved it as an uncompressed wave file, we need to export it as a compressed MP3 file.

Compression Rate

Before exporting, go to Preferences > File Formats and check that under MP3 Export Setup the Bitrate is set to the desired setting (around 32 Kps).

Exporting as an MP3 File**

Select: File > Export as MP3
A dialogue box will prompt you to provide a name for your file and save it in MP3 format.
Next you will be prompted to complete the ID3 tags for the file.
ID3 tags provide information about an audio file such as Title, Artist, Album etc. This information is permanently stored at the front of the MP3 file and is displayed in the windows of audio player software and MP3 players.