Using Audacity

Preparing the Computer to Record Sound

  • Connecting & configuring a microphone to a computer

Installing Audacity

Preparing Audacity to Record

  • Select Input Device
  • Set the correct recording preferences
  • Number of Channels – Mono vs Stereo
  • LAME mp3 Encoder

Recording, Editing and Saving Audio with Audacity
  • set volume levels and record audio
  • explore zoom tools and editing tools
  • Click and pop removal
  • effects & processing – e.g. normalising, fading in & out
  • Multi Track editing

Exporting Audio Files in MP3 Format

  • fill out the ID3 tags for your audio file
  • Export it as an MP3 with appropriate encoding rate
  • Test audio in media player

Session Resources

Session Plan

Network Resources

Audacity: The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters
Audacity 1.2 Tutorial

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    The following material is adapted from the 2005 Sydney Institute Casting the Net LearnScope project materials, then by NSW Learnscope in 2007.