Introduction to Digital Story Telling

Some examples of Digital Stories

Digital stories from a VET context

Telling Tales: The Digital Story Telling Journey by Robyn Jay

promotional style using PhotoStory3 of course :>

Report style created with MovieMaker2 and resaved for the web in Premiere Elements

Making a Carrot Cake by Valerie Ballentine, LearnScope 2006
Instructional style created with MS Photostory 3

GROWING COFFEE: digi lesson for Barista students by Caryl Oliver and Jill Adams
Instructional style created with MovieMaker2

Podsafe music

Copyright is an important consideration, however a number of good options are available:

Search the web for copyright and royalty free downloadable music loops or trial tracks but make sure you read the fine print regarding acknowledgements.

I have some good sites on my account

Useful sites

AFLF Digital Storytelling Network - A national AFLF network (edna group) of VET and ACE professionals who seek to expand the digital storytelling (DST) methodology as an e-learning strategy. This is a AFLF EdNA Group with loads of resources and great place to network with VTE practitioners working with digital stories. You will need to register for a free account with EdNA Groups.

Digital Story Telling in Vocational Education & Training - A wiki to support the Digital Storytelling Network

Center for Digital Story Telling

Stories of the Dreaming

Digital Stories - Youth Central

Robyn Jay's PhotoStory3 Guide

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    Useful Software

    Microsoft PhotoStory 3

    Microsoft Movie Maker II

    Adobe Premiere Elements

    Adobe Premiere Photoshop

    Adobe Audition


    - Useful template for creating a storyboard for your digital story

    Practical Component

    1. Navigate to the photosharing site flickr and create an account for yourself or go to or
    2. For flickr: When you find a picture click the all sizes icon above the picture and select the (500 x 375) Medium version for download. Try to select pictures with a portrait orientation. This way you will ensure all your pictures are the same size and shape. To download a picture, right mouse button click over the picture and select "save as"
      NOTE: You can only use images which have the appropriate copyright licence, if it is a CC licence it may require attribution in your digital story.
    3. Once you have your photographs, music, images etc, open Photostory3 and ceate your first digital story.
    4. Visit the following online tutorial sessions for using Microsoft PhotoStory3 as quick reference